Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jack Frost Snowflake

Okay, it has been FOREVER, since I posted, but it has been a truly crazy few months around here.
On October 8th, we had to put down our yellow lab, Jack Frost XX, affectionately known as Frosty. He had been battling diabetes, which is not kind to dogs, for a long time. We adopted him when he neded a home and we had no idea that he would complete our little family of displaced pets so well. So, in honor of Frosty, here is my first snowflake pattern.
I took this photo before pinning this snowflake. I'll take a new one after I have.

I used size 10 cotton thread and a size 6 steel hook, use whatever works for you as I have a tight stitch.

Ch 4, join with a slip st to form a ring.

RND1: Ch 1, sc in ring, (ch 10 sc in ring) 5 times, ch 5, dtr in first sc to form last ch-10 loop. 6 loops

RND2: Ch 1, (sc ch 4, sc) in last loop made, * ch 7, (sc ch 4, sc) in next loop; repeat from * around, ch 4, dc in first sc to form last ch-7 loop.

RND3: Ch 1, sc in last ch-7 sp made, ch 15, skip next ch-4 sp. * sc in next ch-7 sp, ch 15, skip next ch-4 sp; repeat from * around, join with slip st to first sc.

RND4: Ch1, *7 sc, (ch5, slip st in 5th ch from hook) 3 times, 7 sc in next ch-15 sp, slip st in next sc; repeat from * around, join with slip st to first sc. Finish off.

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